Tear-drop profile for optimised aerodynamics.
Double throat to be used as a foil.
Delivered in one piece - no sleeves, improving weight to strength and optimising stiffness of the strut. There is no risk of the headstay coming apart.
Stays may be fixed without overlapping or use of manual or removable end fittings.


From 15 to 20 microns


Height stop

Prevents the swivel passing out of the tube.
Protects the cable and headstay (prevents the cable touching the headstay when stay is unbalanced).

Stay bearing

This bearing, made of PVC is set along the full length of the stay.
It is locked in position by an upper stop and a lower stop.
The bearing allows an even distribution of friction over the entire length of the forestay, eliminating stiff or sticky points.


Anodized aluminum.
- Two stainless steel ball bearings in steel cage.
- A Polyoxymethylene friction ring.
- A stainless steel retaining ring.
- A stainless steel shackle to attach the genoa.

Mainsail entry point

Machined and polished to perfect smoothness.


Black anodized aluminum.
- Two aluminum flanges.
- Tack ring.
- Two stainless steel ball bearings on stainless steel cage.
- Two stainless steel winder protectors.
- One aluminum support protector.
- A pin for attaching the forestay.
(in the case of a turnbuckle on the forestay, the body of the turnbuckle from the body enters the drum).

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