Founded in 1973 by a team of nautical experts Z Spars has 35 years of experience in the design and construction of masts for sailing vessels. Specializing initially on dinghy masts, they now count thirty eight Olympic medals and numerous world championship titles among their successes. Production reached 10,000 masts in 1978 when the first full scale masts of the "cruising range" appeared.

Now fabricating models up to 130 feet, both classic and furling reel, which can be equipped with electric or hydraulic motor to the customer's requierments. The range is now completed with accessories such as genoa furling, standing rigging and, in the last two years, carbon composite masts.

A worldwide expert network contributes the knowledge base that has made the Z Spars group the undisputed world leader in mast fabrication. Our group has always put a high premium on technology and innovation, which we are proud put into service in the yachting world.

Z Spars aluminium masts
- State of the art technical capabilities serving an exceptional human environment
- Fully automated CNC machining profiles over 25 metres length
- A heated and ventilated paint booth 35 metres long
- Two semi-automatic anodisation lines and 2.5 metres and 19 metres long

Z Spars carbon masts
Integrated at all levels of production, this unit ensures the highest qualityproduction.
Profiles are made from autoclave treated prepreg fabrics under 3 kg pressure. They are produced in a specially conceived continuous-space workshop 80 metres long by 12 metres wide.
The entire carbon mast structure is fabricated as an ensemble. It is the the best on the market.
Our Z Carbon masts have triumphed in all categories of race in which they have participated.
- Route du café Winner
- Route du rhum Winner
- Transat anglaise Winner
- Quebec Saint Malo Winner

Z Spars Research and Development
Our design office is equipped with constantly updated latest generation design software in the expert hands of qualified engineers with years of experience in nautical and sailing design.
The Z Spars personnel - both management and design team are sailors themselves or have been in the past. All Z-Spars products used have been personally validated by our team.
The ideas and comments of you, our customers, have been invaluable throughout the years and we very much hope that you will continue to play that vital role in making Z-Spars the success that it is today.

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